The model is based on laser scans done in 2011, 2012 ja 2013. Terrain model is a hybrid created by triangulating point cloud data with base map data. The model is updated with aerial photograph of Tampere 2015 and constructed buildings in downtown Tampere.

Original laser scan data is thinned out with values R 20m, Dz 0.25m.

Laser scan years per location:

  • Keskusta 2011
  • Nekala 2011
  • Sampola 2011
  • Lielahti 2012
  • Lentäväniemi 2012
  • Rahola 2012
  • Pispala 2012
  • Tesoma 2012
  • Atala 2013
  • Hervanta 2013
  • Härmälä 2013
  • Kaukajärvi 2013
  • Koivistokylä 2013
  • Leinola2013
  • Messukylä 2013
  • Pappila 2013
  • Peltolammi 2013
  • Tasanne 2013

Models can be downloaded via separate index map service which provides models splitted by area. Index map service also provides links to visualization preview. Models are provided in DWG- and Virtual Map -formats. Format conversions can be requested.

Terrain model is modeled as 3D-face. Buildings are modeled as 2D/3D -polylines. Map elements are modeled as 2D/3D Objects (e.g. vegetation, furnishings, fences). Native coordinate system is ETRS-GK24 (EPSG:3878) and N2000 -height system is used.

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Published 06.03.2015
Updated 13.04.2016
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License Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
How to reference Source: 3D Model of Tampere (DWG). The dataset has been downloaded from Tampereen kaupungin dataportaali service on 11.08.2022 under the license Creative Commons Attribution 4.0.


Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
CC-BY-4.0 [Open Data]

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