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Kimmo Ahola - Published 21.11.2018 - Updated 21.11.2018

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Depart shows you where the local bus, tram, metro or train is right now in real-time. Also you can view locations of the stops, open their timetables and view local traffic bulletins. Currently are shown only few locations:

  • Trams and metros and their stops from Helsinki region (HSL)
  • Trains and train stations from Finland (VR)
  • Buses and their stops from Tampere
  • Bus stops from Turku and Jyväskylä

Depart fetches data from various providers and the quality of the data cannot be guaranteed. Some of the vehicles don’t have GPS trackers. Known issues and gaps with the data:

  • VR: Some train stations don’t have the timetables.


  • “Internet” permission is used to get the map tiles and vehicle and stop locations.
  • “Your location” permission is used to pinpoint your location on the map so that you can easily see your nearest buses, trams, trains and stops.

Active new feature development of Depart has ended (due to lack of spare time). Although, critical problems preventing usage are still fixed.

Used datasets

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