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Waqas Hafeez - Published 21.11.2018 - Updated 21.11.2018

  1. 2018-11-21-133508.718098apps.50800.13510798882793770.a962fea4-b60f-4488-bcaa-68cedcd9af07.jpg
  2. 2018-11-21-133508.785162apps.61442.13510798882793770.3a1afa94-3d9e-429d-a586-fc5c98632382.jpg
  3. 2018-11-21-133508.846054apps.60473.13510798882793770.bd4b7c50-ea3d-4f91-b3a5-4c3a1eca8bab.png

Tampere Bus Explorer provides buses locations, stops, schedules and routes. Bus locations are shown on the map in real time, updated every 2-3 seconds. Lines and bus stops schedules and monitors are also available. The application is location sensitive and is specially designed for frequent users of city buses in Tampere.

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